Jihadists React to Charlie Hebdo Attack in Unanimous Celebration


The reported January 7, 2015 attack by three unidentified gunmen on the office of "Charlie Hebdo," a French satirical newspaper known for publishing material mocking radical Islamists, has triggered widespread celebration across the online jihadist community—particularly on Twitter.

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Washington Post: "Homesick Jihadists are Debating Whether to Return to their Comfortable Lives in the West" by Rita Katz


From Rita Katz's Washington Post article, "Homesick jihadists are debating whether to return to their comfortable lives in the West":

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Jihadists Question if NYC Attacker Motivated by IS Spokesman or Jihadi Essay to Lone Wolves

Following an incident in which a man attacked New York City police officers with a hatchet, jihadists praised the attack and questioned if the perpetrator, Zale Thompson, was motivated by recent jihadist propaganda. Of such propaganda, jihadists seemed particularly focused on a speech by Islamic State (IS) spokesman Abu Muhammad al-'Adnani and a jihadi essay urging lone wolves in the U.S. to wage an "aggressive and sustained" campaign on targets that include policemen.
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