begolly1Following the December 11, 2010, suicide bombing of Taymour Abdulwahhab Al-Abdaly, an American jihadist named Emerson Begolly recorded a chant honoring Al-Abdaly and uploaded it to jihadist forums. Singing lines such as "blow their heads right off their shoulders," Begolly encouraged others to emulate the bomber. A portion of his chant can be heard in the SITE Intelligence Group's YouTube video discussing the recent bombing, available online at .

begolly3Emerson Begolly is a young jihadist from central Pennsylvania who attended Pennsylvania State University (PSU). A Nazi sympathizer as a teenager, Begolly, who claims Chechen ancestry, converted to Islam and turned to the jihadist movement, becoming a prominent member of several jihadist forums, including Shamookh al-Islam, Fallujah, and the Ansar al-Mujahideen English Forum. He remains a striking reminder that the jihadist movement is comprised of individuals from all ethnicities, nationalities, and religions.

During the course of his online jihadist activity, Begolly was first known as "Goatly," a reference to the fact that he resided on a farm in central Pennsylvania. However, Begolly later changed his online identity to Asadullah Alshishani ["The Lion of Allah, the Chechen"]. After he attracted significant attention to himself for his harsh anti-Semitic rants, especially a chant he recorded about killing Jews, Begolly again changed his online identity to "Abu Nancy."

begolly2Like Colleen LaRose (aka Jihad Jane) and Zachary Chesser before him, Begolly is part of a trend of American converts to Islam who have become radicalized through online jihadist forums. Not only a zealot himself, Begolly seeks to exhort others to engage in violent jihad through both his songs and his writings. Evidencing his radicalism, Begolly has posted messages advising how to obtain firearms in the United States while encouraging others to kill civilians, off-duty police officers and soldiers, and even children in daycare centers.

This brief reviews some of Begolly's more incendiary postings that espouse violence.

Rise to Prominence on Jihadist Forums

Begolly first became a notable personality amongst online jihadists, especially on English-language forums, due to his tireless and frequent participation along with his penchant for collecting and distributing anasheed, the a capella chants favored by jihadists who believe that musical instrumentals are forbidden in Islam. Begolly has particularly anti-Semitic feelings, once commenting on a jihadist forum, "The only the good about that all the jews weren't gassed that that insha'Allah someday we will get a chance to kill jews ourselves..."


While once limited to trading and republishing anasheed, Begolly subsequently began producing his own jihadist propaganda by recording his own anasheed and distributing them online. For example, in one chant, titled, "When the Jew's Blood Reds My Knife," Begolly sang, in part:

"When the Jew's blood reds my knife
Then my life is free from strife

"Hiding behind rocks and trees
I'll find them with greatest ease
Make them get down on their knees
Slaughter them despite their pleas

"Throw them in the ovens hot
Soap and lampshades sold and bought
Made of the Jews that we shot
Mercy's something I have not

"With the bomb and machinegun
Blast at them and watch them run
We will have a lot of fun
Shoot and kill Jews one by one"

Begolly recently recorded a nasheed in honor of the Stockholm suicide bomber Taymour Abdulwahhab al-Abdaly. Posting the following lyrics in addition to his recording, Begolly sang, in part:

"Grab my Gun and my Ammo
Strap my kamarband onto my chest
Get dressed up in my camo
Martyrdom is what I wanted best

"Hit them with my rocket laucher
Grab my Gun and my Ammo
Strap my kamarband onto my chest
Get dressed up in my camo
Martyrdom is what I wanted best

"Blow their heads right off their shoulders
Grab my Gun and my Ammo
Strap my kamarband onto my chest
Get dressed up in my camo
Martyrdom is what I wanted best"

Calling for Violence


Following the arrest of Zachary Chesser, the Virginia-based American jihadist infamous for his threats against South Park and his attempts to join the Shabaab al-Mujahideen in Somalia, Begolly picked up the mantle of exhorting others to participate in violent jihad, particularly in the United States. Using his intimate knowledge of the United States, Begolly advised jihadists on how to exploit American laws to obtain weapons. For example, he once explained:

"First, to acquire a gun and use it. All US citizens who are not convicted felons and are not currently on probation or parole or who were not involunarily committed to a mental instituation or are not currently filing for divorce are able to buy a gun, although different states have different laws about what types of guns can be bought. Guns are also readily found on at yard sales, flea markets, gun shows, and auctions, and more often than not, if you have the money, you will be able to buy the gun whether you are legally able to do so or not. The practice of selling guns in such a fashion without backgroud checks is illegal in US, but continues to be practiced, and is more common in some areas than others. No background check is needed to purchase ammunion, just a state issued ID proving one is 18 or 21, depending on the state of if it is rifle, pistol, or shotgun shells. The use of a gun is not difficult, but certain skills are needed for example sniping or rapid firing."

Recognizing that spectacular attacks were not always possible, Begolly also recommended that individuals engage in an attack that is within their capabilities through sabotage:

"Whatever can be done within ones ability. Does one have access to a prybar and a secluded piece of railroad tracks? Can you cut wires for power and communications without getting shocked to death? How hard is it to break glass along a busy highway that could cause harsh results? Do you know of anyone who is in the army or service of taghout goverment? Are you a pyromaniac and are there some nice woods or a lumber yard or some buildings near by?"

He further advised others not to lack the courage necessary to carry out an attack, which he felt was often the biggest obstacle for others when planning an operation:

"What hold you back most is yourself. Guns are easy to get and use, so it propane, and so it is also easy to shatter bottles or play with matches. Courage is hard. Knowing that you may have to spend the rest of your life in jail if you run out of ammo is does not come easy. Knowing you might get shot at become a vegetable during a while exchanging fire is not pleasant though. Knowing that you will leave this dunya in a matter on minutes from the time you pick up a gun or get into a car is surely going to put a knot into your stomach. I cannot tell you how to motivate yourself or what to do or judge anyone who isnt ready. Allah does whatever He pleases with whoever He pleases whenever He pleases."

In another message, Begolly called on others to target children in daycare facilities and kill them:

"Many find this contoversial because children were killed, but then how can they bomb our madrassas and get away with it? How can they destroy our weddings and not expect to pay? How can they shoot our pregnant sisters and innocent kids without us retaliating? With this in mind, anyone with access to a jewish school or daycare center on an army base may attack it for any of the following reasons: first to take revenge for what has been done to us. Second, to strike total terror into the hearts of the kuffar. Third, to restore the dignity of our fallen little ones, may Allah have mercy on them."

Recommending that the jihadists keep guns near them at all times, he told others not to let themselves be taken alive should law enforcement attempt to arrest them:

"Always be prepared. Have an alarm system on your house, even if it is a simple as a length of string tied to a bell. If kuffar ask to be let in, do now allow it. Be prepaped if the do come in. Keep a gun next to you at all time; be sure there is a bullet in the chamber, but for your own sake, keep the safety on at all times. Most pigs wear body armor, which is however useless for any pistol greater than a 45 or a rifle. Therefore shoot at the head of any invader, and if you feel you are not a good shot, aim for legs, which will drop them, and then finish them off.

"If the catch you unprepared, be sure there is a gun in a place you can easily reach. If not a gun, even grab a kitchen knife and lunge at them, and bi'idhni'Allah you could killed one. If nothing is handy, say the attack you while you are in the shower or doing clothes, then it is best to fight with your bear hands that be taken. Anything if fair for you, including trying to bit off fingers (then you might get a gun), or to gouge out eyes, or to pull off ears. If you go quitely, it is in humiliation and awaiting you is a stretch in jail regardless.

"FACT: one does not need any permit to by a sword or black power rifle, also known as a muzzleloader, or to buy a flare gun, although some states and countries do not allow flare guns. In fact, convicted felons can even buy black power rifles, which can fire rounds powerful as 72 calibre. Black power can also be made into explosives. If for whatever reason you cannot get a gun or black powder, even get a sword. A majority of sword sold in the US are actually made in Pakistan and can be found anywhere from flea markets to sporting goods stores to novelty shops."

In another posting, Begolly advised others to participate in small-scale attacks to create fear and cause damage, including drive-by shootings of random civilians and off-duty police officers and soldiers:

"~*~*~ Little things count ~*~*~

"What are the "small things" in life, for the Mujahid who seeks to remain on the down low and does not rush for Shahadah up front? What you can do, and if carefully done, not get caught? What can seem small, but cause big damage?

"Sabatage train tracks. Trains carried chemical, supplies needed for the crusade, and people. We have seen the attacks on trains and subways in England, Spain, and Russia. Such incidents for some reason in America are typically blamed on "damn kids."

One could also park a vehicle on a cross way, and for the train to hit it. There are miles of train line that go through often remote mountains and country side that could easily be tampered with unnoticed leaving the train to its demise.

"Break bottles or throw spikes onto highways from the side, out of your vehicle window, or off of overpass. Try to do it after dark. The busier the higher, the better chance of "accidents." They incidents are also typically blamed on "kids."

"Sabatage phone lines, power lines, cell phone tower, and other electric things. Just make sure not to get shocked. A bucket of tar could work wonders. A well place shot from a high power rifle with a scope could sever a line and bring down live wires. A tree, if it fall is the right dirrection, could take down power lines.

"Arson. Forest fires, building fires, you name. Look at the recent fires in Russia, and the past deadly fires in California and Austrialia. A wild fire is hard to blame on anyone, and fires started in abandoned builings are usually blamed on those "damn kids" again. Fires can be deadly and cause millions of dollars in damage.

"Random "pranks" to waste kuffar resources. Deflate tires of folks who cares have "support the troops" ribbons. Trash fires, espcially with tries. Graffiti, especially swastikas (which seem to cause a lot of problems). Smash and run of windows.

"Stepped up "pranks" which cause more issues for the kuffar but are more dangerous. Torching cars, especially of police. Robbing and disarming kuffar (in can be noted since kuffar do not pay taxes to Khalifa, and money can be given to dawah). Randam assaults, especially again folks with veterans clothing or supporting of the modern crusade.

":: Real terrorism, but on a small scale. :: Attacks of civilians or police or government agents or military. Best as single shot, drive by, hit and run, beat down. Who are the best targets? Off duty police, off duty soldiers, gang member, family members of soliders, government agents, workers at ammunition factory, white supremacists or black supremacists. It is best if targeting soliders or police that they are off duty and out of uniform simply because they investigations will look usually for "robbery gone wrong" or "revenge" then an act of terrorism of revolt."

Begolly currently remains active on jihadist forums, despite his increasingly high public profile, recording new anasheed, while continuing to post messages calling for violence.