Neo-Nazi Forum Members React to Robin Williams’ Death, Express Good Riddance

The death of Academy Award winner Robin Williams prompted neo-Nazis to demonstrate the callousness of their philosophies, taking to one of the movement's more prominent online communities to comment on what they perceived as Williams' ties to the Jewish community. Despite some relatively sympathetic reactions, most users expressed good riddance at the entertainer's death, calling him a "kike-lover," "asshole," "old bastard," and even "another rotten Hymiewood piece."


In two discussion threads titled "Self-described 'honorary Jew' Robin Williams dead at 63" and "LOL: Robin Williams, shabbos goy 'actor'-'comedian' thankfully commits suicide - Na-Nu Na-Nu - (or an act of alternative lifestyle vibrancy?) – ROLMAO," users seemed generally pleased at Williams' death, associating his career as all-too connected with Hollywood and progressive politics—both of which being perceived by the group as controlled and supported by the Jewish community. In one of the two discussions, a user stated:

This asshole had all answers for your problems, Kwa's problems, and the world's problems. He, like other all other self-righteous sanctimonious pious Utopians "leftists" "liberals" had no problem with the jew creating laws to force solutions based on his profound insights into the Human condition on you.

The user went on:

Unfortunately for assholes of his ilk, he did have the solution for his own problems, those of a wealthy individuals who did not really have to work or worry about retirement or niggers being injected into his "hood."

Other users also commented with equal vulgarity, with one user stating:

Hahahaha! I'm glad this kike-lover is dead! And in a bizarre wanking accident no less, made my day!

One member posted a photo of Williams with a yamakah and commented:

A lot of people will be posting their Robin Williams memories. Beyond the hours of laughter he gave me, I have one personal memory of Williams, who was found dead on Aug. 11 at his home in Northern California at age 63, an apparent suicide.


Scant expressions of sympathy for Williams within the discussion were weighed down by insults toward other groups. One user claimed that Williams was a victim of a Jewish-run entertainment industry, stating:

i dunno, I think he was a talented actor, if he does these pro fag roles it's because they probably forced him to. Kind of hard to say no to millions of dollars, fame, etc.

Similar expressions of empathy were made by other users, one of which stating, "He was liberal and too friendly with jews, but is there a successful actor who isn't?"

This is certainly not the first time that neo-Nazis have expressed good riddance at widely-mourned losses. As recently reported by SITE, users in the Vanguard News Network forum expressed glee at the death of AIDS researchers who were aboard the flight MH-17 crash, referring to the researchers as "silly faggots prancing around throwing a big hissy fit about AIDS," and blamed such researchers as ruining the "good old days" when AIDS was a "certain death sentence for junkies freaks and deviants."

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