We Need to Have a Conversation about Domestic Extremism Now, Hicks’ Motives Aside


The speculation that Craig Hicks, who killed three Muslim college students in Chapel Hill, NC on February 10, 2015, may have done so out of anti-religious motivation highlights the dangerous but under-examined threat of domestic terrorism.

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White Supremacists Distance Themselves From Austin Shootings


Following news that an individual attacked the Mexican consulate and Austin Police headquarters, white supremacist forum members distanced themselves from the attacks.

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Neo-Nazi Forum Members React to Robin Williams’ Death, Express Good Riddance

The death of Academy Award winner Robin Williams prompted neo-Nazis to demonstrate the callousness of their philosophies, taking to one of the movement's more prominent online communities to comment on what they perceived as Williams' ties to the Jewish community. Despite some relatively sympathetic reactions, most users expressed good riddance at the entertainer's death, calling him a "kike-lover," "asshole," "old bastard," and even "another rotten Hymiewood piece."
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Neo-Nazis Comment on MH17 Crash, Call Death of AIDS Researchers “Good News”


In response to the reported death of approximately 100 AIDS researchers aboard flight MH17, the commercial airplane shot down by a missile over Ukraine, Neo-Nazis made a crass exhibition of their opinion regarding the AIDS virus on an extremist online forum. Users expressed their views on the Vanguard News Network (VNN) Forum—a neo-Nazi forum which has, in the past, included notorious figures like Craig Cobb, a white supremacist jailed for intimidating residents of Leith, North Dakota; North Carolina White Patriot Party leader Glenn Miller, accused of committing a shooting at Overland Park Jewish Community Center in Kansas in April 2014; and the Spokane, Washington bomber, Kevin Harpham.

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Tracing Jared Miller's Descent into Extremism

 Jared Miller

Jared Miller’s online activities—particularly on his Facebook and You Tube accounts—provide unique insights into his beliefs and intentions that would lead to the deadly attack committed on June 8, 2014 in Las Vegas by him and his wife, Amanda Miller.

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