Jihadists React to U.S. Torture Report, Call for Retaliation and Radicalization


The U.S. Senate's report on the CIA's post-9/11 interrogation tactics, which included graphic accounts of torture, has ignited an overwhelming response from the online jihadist community, with many calling for retaliation against the U.S. and promoting jihad.

Within most jihadist outcries and threats was the notion of America's "war on Islam." Among those bluntly stating this idea was user "Shami Witness," who tweeted:


The account of "State of Islam" tweeted a similar battle cry:


Another recurring claim among reacting jihadists was the radicalizing effect of America's torture of Muslims. User "Mali Witness," to that point, stated:


User "Dabat al-Wafi" tweeted a similar message, stating:


To further the point, Mali Witness tweeted a reference to British Islamist activist, Anjem Choudary, stating:


User "Nadim al-Muhajir" tweeted:

To this point of radicalization, many jihadist accounts appeared to use the news for recruitment purposes or to make calls for attacks. User "ukht in black" made a series of tweets to the same point, calling for Muslims to "take revenge on the despicable kuffar [disbelievers] who even torture" Muslim men and women:
1That torture report is nothing new, we all knew that the pigs have been torturing Muslims from a long time.The question is what are Muslims
2 going to do about it? Rant over twitter and then khalass after 3 days or take revenge on the despicable kuffar [disbelievers] who even torture sisters
3 like Aafia? Brothers and sisters take revenge over the American snake!!
And let's not forget that torture has been taking place in Morroco, Saudi, Algeria, Bahrain, Pakistan..Under the Taghoot [false idol-worshipper] control for decades

To a similar note, Shami Witness compared the torture to acts of brutality committed by the Islamic State (IS), stating across six tweets:

Hey munafiqeen [religious hypocrites],hey coconuts ,this is what they did to Muslims that they captured :
They shoved pipes up the anus of Muslims,then shot up food through it ! Then they named it "Rectal Rehydration" !
I will rather be beheaded than having these godless kuffar [disbeliever] faggots and sodomites shove food pipes up my arse .
Getting beheaded is 100 times more humane, more dignified than what these filthy scumbags do to Muslims .
May Allaah destroy these filthy bastards.May I get to see that day in my lifetime.

User "Harroon Ar-Rasheed" spoke for those with IS, implying the reports to prompt retaliatory attacks:


User "Dawood" called for Muslims to leave America, stating in three tweets:

I dont give a shit if you are "nice" or have "friendly" neighbors, get out of America and stop paying their taxes.
Any muslim who can and refuses to leave America, may Allah disassociate you from the Muslims on the day of Judgement
Excuse my language and let me be very clear, America is one fucked up place.

User "Israfil Yilmaz" tweeted a defense of the jihadist movement in Syria in regard to the CIA report:


One user, under the name "Abu Abdullah," tweeted that he would be informing other Muslims of the report's details at his masjid [mosque]:


Also present among reacting jihadists was a resentment toward moderate Muslims. Abu Abdullah referenced users of the "#NotInMyName" hashtag, with which Muslims condemn the violence of jihadists, stating:


User "Shariah4All" tweeted a similarly sarcastic message:


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