The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), an al-Qaeda-linked media organization, released a posthumous video, titled “The Story of the American Muhajir,” featuring Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha (AKA Abu Hurayra al-Amriki), the American jihadist who carried out a suicide bombing in Syria in May of this year. The video was released just three days after al-Nusra Front released their own 17-minute posthumous video of Hurayra on July 25 through their al-Manara al-Baydha’ Media Foundation.

The 31-minute GIMF video begins by showing pictures of Hurayra both in America and accompanied by other jihadists in Syria, followed by a video footage of him tearing up his US passport and burning it on the ground.

The video then shifts to the fighter talking to the camera, as Hurayra holds onto his rifle and speaks in fragmented sentences—often ending his thoughts midway and starting new ones. In the beginning of his speech, he details the story of his arrival to Syria, claiming that he flew to Istanbul to find the mujahideen. He also expresses the discontent he felt when living in America, claiming, “This never was a place for a Muslim, never was a place for me.” He follows up:

I lived in America. I know how it is. You have all of fancy amusement parks and the restaurants and the food and all this crap and the cars. You think you're happy? You're not happy, you're never happy. I was never happy. I was always sad and depressed. This life sucked.

Hurayra is one of many foreign fighters to enter Syria through Turkey. In an article by SITE Intel Group Director Rita Katz, she points out that “jihadi operatives are taking advantage of Syria’s open borders to travel and obtain military and terrorist training.” She also states that social media provides much information “about how to make one’s way from a major tourist destination, Istanbul, Turkey, to the battlefields.”

In a later section of the video, titled “A Message to Barack Obama, Israel, and Bashar al-Assad,” Hurayra intensifies his tone as he addresses the mentioned figures, yelling:

Finally I get behind cameras to say this you kuffar [disbeliever], you kaffir, you big dajjal [false messiah]. We are coming for you! Mark my words! Listen to my words, you big kuffar! You think all that you kill Osama bin Laden. You did nothing! You sent him to Jannah [Pradise], alhamdulillah! You sent him to Paradise! You think that you won? You have never won! You will never defeat Islam - you, Bush, any of your kuffar leaders.

The video ends with footage—shot at a distance—of an explosion implied to be from Abu Hurayra’s suicide attack as his picture appears in the corner of the screen.

The release comes as a delivery of what GIMF previewed in a one-minute trailer released on May 15. The trailer shows the same footage of a passport burning and select clips of Hurayra’s speech—this time with a blurred face—asserting, “It is Haqq [truth] on you to protect your brothers who are oppressed. It is haqq on you to fight.” 

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