IS Video Features a Canadian Fighter Urging Muslims to Join Jihad


The Islamic State (IS) released a posthumous video from a Canadian fighter urging fellow Muslims to come to Syria with their families and participate in jihad. The 11 minute, 7 second, English video was produced by the IS’ al-Hayat Media Center, and was uploaded to a file-sharing website on July 11, 2014.

The fighter identified himself as Abu Muslim and said that he had converted to Islam six years prior to the recording. Discussing his life in Canada, Abu Muslim said that he worked as a street cleaner and enjoyed a network of friends and family, but he saw the country as “Dar al-Kufr,” a land of disbelief, and pursued jihad in Syria. He also encouraged others to follow his path, stating: “We need the engineers, we need doctors, we need professionals, we need volunteers, we need fundraising. We need everything. There is a role for everybody. Every person can contribute something to the Islamic State as it’s obligatory on us.”

An English-speaking narrator provided additional information about Abu Muslim, saying that he was imprisoned and after his release he managed to reach Syria despite the “opposition from the enemies of Allah and their intelligence agencies,” and had married in Syria. The narrator added that he was killed in battle at the Minnigh military airport in Aleppo during Ramadan 1434, corresponding to July-August 2013. Footage shows his participation in the fighting and his dead body.


Jihadists had distributed a picture of his dead body in March 2014 and identified him as “Abu Muslim al-Tamimi”. According to the media, Abu Muslim is Andre Poulin of Ontario, Canada.

Rita Katz, Director of the SITE Intelligence Group, observes: “This video  is another example of the uninterrupted recruitment of Westerners carried out by the IS, the most radical and violent jihadi group. In the last month alone, the IS' Western media department, al-Hayat, released a tremendous amount of propaganda, including videos featuring German, British, and Australian fighters in its ranks, as well as English magazines, translations of leadership statements, and even Islamic chants, in various Western languages. These recruitment efforts are threats to the security of the West that must not be ignored, as they pave the way for determined jihadis to carry out attacks in their own home countries.”

A portion of the video is available here:

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