About Us

INSITE on Terrorism is the official blog of SITE Intelligence Group, focusing on all dimensions of extremism in the 21st century: jihadism, white supremacy movements, hacker threats, and everything in between. As these movements unfold, expand, and evolve, so will INSITE’s commentary and analysis.
INSITE contributors include some of the most respected and well-published extremism experts in the world, along with SITE’s trusted team of researchers and analysts. All articles posted to the blog are intended to elevate the discussion regarding extremist threats—transcending the conversational buzz and shining light on the greater factors at stake.

The INSITE Blog also houses select modified updates or reports from SITE News service.


Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed by contributors on this blog are published to provide an enriching array of viewpoints to our readers. Such contributions are not intended to represent SITE Intelligence Group in any way. 

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