Abu Muhammad al-‘Adnani, the official spokesman of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS), boasted in an audio speech about the recent conquests by the group in Iraqi provinces and urged the fighters to march to Baghdad.

His speech, entitled, “Whatever of Good Reaches You, is from Allah,” came in a 16 minute, 48 second audio, and was released on the Twitter account of the ISIS’ al-I’tisaam Media Foundation on June 11, 2014. ‘Adnani stressed that the victories of the ISIS would not have been possible without God, and warned the fighters from becoming arrogant and believing that their power alone enabled them success. He told the soldiers to march to Baghdad, for there is an “old balance” there that must be made even, and slammed Iraqi President Nuri al-Maliki for what he sees as incompetence. The spokesman stated:

“What have you done to your people, O foolish one. No one is more foolish than you but those who accept you as the president and commander. You will always be an underwear salesman. What do you know about policy, leadership, and military command? You lost a historic opportunity for your people to control Iraq, and the Shi’ites will always curse you for as long as they live.”

‘Adnani also gave a brief eulogy for a now-deceased ISIS commander named ‘Adnan Ismail Najm (AKA Abu Abdul Rahman al-Bilawi), who fought against U.S.-led forces in Iraq in 2004-2005, and had a relationship with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Najm was imprisoned in 2005, and after leaving prison, joined the ISIS and served as one of its officials. ‘Adnani noted that Najm was the “planner and the commander of the recent battles in Anbar, Ninawa, and Salah al-Din”. It is noteworthy that the ISIS named its operation to conquer Mosul the “Invasion of Asadullah [Lion of Allah] al-Bilawi Abu Abdul Rahman.


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