The Islamic State (IS) released a video of a Moldovan fighter defending its establishment of a Caliphate and explaining that the former state of the Afghan Taliban was not a Caliphate because the group limited its power to the borders of Afghanistan. The 13 minute, 10 second, Arabic- and English-subtitled video, was produced by the IS’ foreign language division, al-Hayat Media Center, and was distributed on Twitter and jihadi forums on January 6, 2015. The Moldovan fighter, Abdullah al-Moldovi, argued that the IS did meet the requirements for the establishment of a Caliphate, putting itself as the guardian of Islam and manager of “worldly affairs,” and not recognizing borders created by disbelievers, and waging jihad. He added: “Here the question may be asked: What is the excuse of the brothers when the conditions have been met and preventative factors have been eliminated for the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah, which is an obligation? What is their excuse before Allah, and then before the Muslims? And is the disapproval of a person who can't defend himself and is under the complete control of the taghuti intelligence considered a legitimate excuse?”

Following is a transcript of the video:



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Al-Hayat Media Center
A Message from Brother Abdullah al-Moldovi


[Abdullah al-Moldovi]

The amount of lies and fabrications disseminated against the Islamic State are known and not hidden from anyone. And the main shubhah of the Islamic State's opponents is that the announcement of the Khilafah is invalid. Before giving a detailed refutation of this shubhah, it's important we understand what the Islamic Khilafah is.

Allah's Messenger (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) began his da'wah to Allah's religion in Makkah, and he had neither an army nor a state to protect this da'wah and spread it. However, as is known from the sirah (biography of the Prophet), he would place before the tribes that came to Makkah, or which he met with, the burden and responsibility of protecting the religion, so that their military strength would be for the protection of this religion's da'wah. This is how Allah's Messenger and the Muslims were for the duration of his period in Makkah, until Allah gave him the Ansar from amongst the residents of Madinah who took up the responsibility of protecting this da'wah.

After the hijrah of Allah's Messenger and the Muslims to Madinah, the religion of Islam and the da'wah of Allah's Messenger progressed to a different stage. As Shaykul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: "And He made their the messeners' seal Muhammad whom He sent with the guidance and the religion of truth so that He would make it manifest over all religion. And He strengthened him with the supportive authority which encompasses the meaning of knowledge and the pen leading to guidance and clarity, and the meaning of power and the sword leading to victory and consolidation" (Majmu' al-Fatawa 249/28).

For this reason, this da'wah - after the hijrah of Allah's messenger (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) to Madinah - encompassed within itself aspects of religion, creed, and knowledge, as well as aspects of power and military strength, and this is the iron which supports this religion. Thereafter, Madinah became an Islamic State and the center of future glory became for the Muslims.

The righteous Salaf traversed the same path, and the first of them was Abu Bakr (radiyallahu'anh) whom the Sahabah gave bay'ah, and the discussion on that will come shortly. Many of the Arabs apostatized from Islam. And from amongst the statements that Abu Bakr made and which became a slogan during his Khilafah, is his statement: "By Allah! If they were to prevent from me a young she-goat I would fight them because of their resistance to paying it." Abu Bakr (radiyallahu'anh) fought the murtaddin so that the people would continue to adhere to the Islamic Shari'ah, and so that no one would leave it.

So accordingly, we know what the Islamic Khilafah is. The Khilafah is a military and political entity based upon the da'wah to tawhid. The entity which does not accept the borders set up by the nations of the world. This is because this entity was built upon da'wah, and as we stated the da'wah has no borders because it is directed to all people. It's an obligation for this da'wah. This entity's intent and goal is the safeguarding, protection and spreading of the religion. Meaning, this entity was established by da'wah, by da'wah to tawhid. This entity's borders are not defined by a map that was drawn by the kuffar. Rather, its borders are defined by the last point of ribat.

Likewise, there's no doubt that the Khilafah's establishment must be preceded by the establishment of the Islamic State. Meaning that the Muslims must have sufficient strength with which they can establish their goals and the various aspects of the Khilafah. Ali Ibn Abi Talib said: "The existence of the Islamic State is an obligation because the people are in need of it, whether it is upright or corrupt - meaning its rulers." Ali Ibn Abi Talib was asked: "As for the upright (state) then it's understood, but how can it be with the corrupt (state)?" He said: "By it the hudud (shar'i penalties) are implemented, the roads are safe, jihad against the enemy continues, and the ghanimah is taken." There's no doubt that the achievement of all of these aspects indicates the existence and validity of the State. Why? Because everything that was just mentioned can only be found in a state that possesses the degree of ability and military strength required to establish all of this. When all of these capabilities exist, the obligation upon the Muslims is to establish and announce the Islamic Khilafah, which is the State that is not pleased with the borders of the kuffar, and wages jihad in the path of Allah.

This State is the one in which Allah's Shari'ah is the only law. This State, in its da'wah to Allah and His tawhid, has only one da'wah. Once that's understood, then it's obligatory upon the Muslims to establish the state just described, as is known from the books, and as per the ijma' concerning that. And the establishment of this state is regarded as a fard kifaya (collective obligation). And this obligation is upon two categories of people. This doesn't mean that it is an individual obligation; rather it is upon those who possess ability.

Here the question may be asked: "Who are the ones referred to as Ahlul-Hall-Wal'Aqd and whose statements carry weight?" Here the mujahid brothers control large areas, by Allah's mercy, extending thousands of kilometers with no law therein except Allah's Shari'ah. There is no da'wah in these areas except the da'wah to Allah (ta'ala). In these areas the zakat is collected from the Muslims, and the jizyah from the Christians. The Muslim is the honored one, and the munafiq hides his hypocrisy. In these areas the roads are safe. You don't find thieves and highway robbers who harm the people. The people live in safety and peace. All of this, by Allah's permission and mercy, is achieved without the approval of this person or that person who some people try to link to the reality or validity of the Khilafah. This reality exists without their approval. Rather, it exists even in the face of their opposition. This is something amazing.

From here it becomes clear that neither their approval nor their opposition has any effect on the issue. And since it has no effect on the issue, they are not from Ahlul-Hall Wal'Aqd. I advise returning to the aforementioned statement of Shaykhul-Islam. In it, it's mentioned that the reality is not connected to anyone's approval or opposition, for if it exists it exists. An example of this is that when the sun rises it's above us, whether or not the people like it.

Here the question may be asked: What is the excuse of the brothers when the conditions have been met and preventative factors have been eliminated for the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah, which is an obligation? What is their excuse before Allah, and then before the Muslims? And is the disapproval of a person who can't defend himself and is under the complete control of the taghuti intelligence considered a legitimate excuse?

The least that can be said is that this makes no sense because it opposes the goal and reality of the Shari'ah. Some people say that a Khilafah was announced in Afghanistan before this Khilafah. If we understand what a Khilafah is in Islam, it becomes clear that this statement has no basis. Why? Because we stated that the Islamic Khilafah is the entity which does not recognize the borders. And we know that the mujahidin in Afghanistan stated, upon establishing this entity, that their goal is to establish the Shari'ah in the area known as Afghanistan, and no more than that. If this is their goal, then their State cannot be called a Khilafah. For this reason, the Khilafah established in Iraq and Sham has not been preceded by any other Khilafah which would prevent its establishment.

And to emphasize what we've stated, we mention the statement of al-Mawardi, one of the Shafi'i scholars, in the book "al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah": "Imamah (leadership) was established to come after prophethood, in order to guard the religion and run worldly affairs." This means that the Khilafah is the deputy of the Prophet, and as we stated, this issue goes back to understand the goal and intend of the da'wah of Allah's messenger (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam). The Khilafah - this military and political entity - is the deputy of Allah's Messenger (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) in these matters.

And lastly, we say: The emirate of Afghanistan has not demonstrated all of these aspects, and because of that it is not regarded as a preventative to establishing the Khilafah which has fulfilled all of the conditions. And with this we conclude.


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