The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, and twelve other Palestinian militant factions issued a joint statement declaring victory against Israel in the recent war in Gaza.

In the statement, which was published on the al-Qassam Brigades' website on August 27, 2014, the groups did not address the open-ended ceasefire agreed upon by Israel and the Hamas-led Gazan government, but celebrated what it considered a "victory" for the factions and the Palestinian people. They stated, for example: "Gaza and its resistance triumphed, because they have done what major armies could not. They forced their enemy to retreat, and disrupted its air, land, and sea systems. They took the initiative against their enemy and did not let it achieve any strategic or tactical accomplishment. They crushed their pride that they developed for decades on the media screens and in the psychological warfare laboratories - they crushed it beneath the feet of the mujahideen and the heroic resistance..."

Following is a translation of the statement:

"The decision of the matter, before and after (these events) is only with Allah, (before the defeat of the Romans by the Persians, and after the defeat of the Persians by the Romans). And on that Day, the believers (i.e. Muslims) will rejoice (at the victory given by Allah to the Romans against the Persians). * With the help of Allah. He helps whom He wills, and He is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful. * (It is) a Promise of Allah (i.e. Allah will give victory to the Romans against the Persians), and Allah fails not in His Promise, but most of men know not." [Ar-Room: 4-6]
A Military Statement Issued by the Military Wings of the Resistance Factions
This is not a victory speech, though the time for the victory speech is soon, Allah willing, in the courtyards of al-Aqsa Mosque. Rather, this is a word on the road that must be said, that this victory, before it is a victory for the resistance, is a victory for every mother who breastfed her child the meaning of courage, chivalry, and sacrifice; it is a victory for every sister, daughter, and wife who saw her son, brother, husband, or father going out to deter the aggression, know that he might not come back, but she pushed him towards the duty without hesitation.
It is a victory for all children, seniors, and women against whom the planes of the occupation poured tens of thousands of tons of explosives, and destroyed houses over their heads, and against whom the leaders of the enemy thought would break the arm of the resistance. But the world only heard from them "Allah is Sufficient unto us; indeed, He is the Best Disposer of affairs," and what they said as they got out from beneath the rubble: We are with the resistance, and O resistance, intensify, and take from among our sons, our blood, and our homes whatever you want.

This great victory is the victory of the martyrs, the victory of the wounded, and the victory of the heroes of the legend of steadfastness. It is your victory first, so a salute and one-thousand salutes to all the men, women, children, and seniors from among our people.

O our people, O our Ummah, O all the free ones in the world...

The coming out of hundreds of thousands from the crowds of our people in the cities, camps, and villages in the homeland, and the diaspora, is the most honest expression of the truth of the realization by our people of the extent of the victory, which Allah achieved at the hands of the mujahideen of our people and its resistance. Our people realize in their collective conscious what the command of the resistance wanted to plant in its consciousness: that we are not weak; that victory, Allah permitting, is in our alliance and between our fingers; that our appointment is with the liberation of al-Aqsa (and the return is coming closer than the optimists think); and that our enemy and his army and elite forces are just a big lie, and that we, Allah permitting, have fulfilled the promise of Allah that we shamed their faces.
Our people continue to experience the meaning of orphanhood, oppression and subjugation, and today, in Gaza of steadfastness, victory became clear to the whole world and that we are no longer orphans, but the orphans grew up and the force of their resistance became stronger. After today they will not allow anyone to oppress them or exercise subjugation and havoc against them, and whoever tries to return to what we before, we will respond to him twofold, and our children in Gaza and the [West] Bank and the diaspora will step on its arrogance and humiliate its pride, Allah permitting.

We do not stand today to count every aspect of the victory with which Allah honored us, and we will leave this to the analysts and experts, military and strategist. They said and they will say much about the results, implications, and meanings of this battle on the Palestinian issue, and on the track of the liberation project, and on the area and region, and on the equations of the alliances and the balance of power, and on the rules of political and diplomatic work in the world. We will stand at the most prominent meaning that became clear to all, and it is the great image of Palestinian unity behind the resistance. All images and meanings of division and discord are finished, for the resistance unites us, brings us together, and ends our differences.

This is our greatest accomplishment through this great battle, which represents the red line for which our people will not allow anyone to cross after today, and it will cast an eye of suspicion and accusation on whoever goes back to it. So there is no return for the differences, divisions, and throwing accusations, or disavowing responsibilities. It is not permitted for anyone after today to return to the painful past. Everyone must advance quickly to assume their responsibilities towards this great people and ease its pains and heal its wounds, and to stand with it in all honesty, sincerity, and determination.

Today, in light of this great victory, and after this legendary epic underlined by our people and its resistance, the duty upon the political leaders of the Palestinian people and the leaders of the factions is to re-evaluate the work during the previous stage of the national action from its various axes.
The mechanisms of the national action require a comprehensive internal review. There is no room for more disruptions in the national institutions or to keep it in its form and previous figure, or to continue to exclude sections of our people and the factions and forces of its active resistance. There must be a fast and serious effort to reshape the national institutions to be capable to represent this legendary people with a better image, and to be capable to carry the national issue and achieve the goals and hopes about which our people dreamed and many sacrificed for its sake. The methods of work and the national struggle to achieve these goals requires a massive, comprehensive, national review, because it became clear to all after this battle that the political and negotiation confrontation with the enemy is not enough to take away the rights of our people and achieve his goals and impose this occupier, which only understands the language that Gaza spoke to him over the past days. The political leadership of our people can be confident that behind it is great people, a courageous resistance, and heroic mujahideen, and it must now allow after today for the leaders of the occupation to provoke it and to deal with it without efficiency and parity.

As for the enemy, we say that you will not have but what you saw and more.

O people of proud Palestine... O our Arab and Islamic Ummah... Gaza has triumphed and its resistance secured victory and its people were successful...
Gaza triumphed, because it inflicted defeat upon the enemy soldiers at its doorstep, and made them scurry away under the cover darkness, escaping from Gaza and the fire of al-Qassam and the resistance...

Besieged Gaza and its courageous resistance triumphed, because they hit the depth of the Zionist entity in response to its aggression, and they said to the occupier, "There is no safety for you in any spot of our land," and they displaced tens of thousands of the settlers on the Palestinian land, and brought it more than six million to the shelters in the depth of Palestine...

Gaza and its resistance triumphed, because they have done what major armies could not. They forced their enemy to retreat, and disrupted its air, land, and sea systems. They took the initiative against their enemy and did not let it achieve any strategic or tactical accomplishment. They crushed their pride that they developed for decades on the media screens and in the psychological warfare laboratories - they crushed it beneath the feet of the mujahideen and the heroic resistance...
Gaza triumphed, because it foiled the wager on isolating the resistance and weakening it and cutting off its limbs, as the enemy claimed and whoever supported the enemy and endorsed it and waited for its illusionary victory...

Gaza triumphed, because it brought down the security theory and strategy of the Zionist war, and stepped on it forever. It shattered the myth of the military superiority of the Zionist army and made it a laughing stock in front of the world. It stood as equals in front of the occupier despite the difference in physical strength, and said to the enemy: There is no place among us for that weakened, surrendered Arab who you order to and subjugate, for we are people who Allah glorified with our religion, our jihad, our people, and the firmness of our cause. We do not know with our enemy but the language he understands and mastered, and it is the language of power and parity.
Gaza and its resistance triumphed, because it showed the fragility of the security and intelligence system of the occupier, which has long boasted about its information bank of alleged precise targets. Apparently, in this bank of Ya'alon are targets among parks for children, houses of innocent civilians, UNRWA schools, mosques, hospitals, and civilian utilities. Meanwhile, in the bank of the resistance are targets among elite officers in the Zionist army, Merkava tanks, military sites, soldiers, vehicles, and military airports.

Gaza triumphed, because it restored the hope of 1.5 billion Arabs and Muslims, that the road to Jerusalem is paved and open, if the intention is sincere, the sleeves are rolled up, and preparation was made...
Gaza triumphed with its men, women, and children, because it held firm for fifty days and nights in front of the mightiest occupying, oppressive, and unjust military force in the Arabian East...

Gaza triumphed, because all the people gathered around the resistance and clung to their demands and conditions, and they embraced and sacrificed. The resistance able to collect all spectra of the Palestinian people around them, and to smelt all parties in the crucible of fighting the occupier and resisting the aggression. There is no voice louder than the voice of the resistance, and there is nothing that unites our people like the resistance unites it, and there is no choice that proved utile but the choice of resistance.

Gaza triumphed, because it disgraced the occupying entity and its security and military command, and it showed them for what they truly are: criminal killers, murderers who shed blood, people who target innocent civilians and take revenge on women and children, after they failed to face the severe resistance. Here is the world watching and seeing you in its memory of those Zionists and their actions and their horrible misdeeds.
And finally...

We dedicate the steadfastness of our people and its victory to the blood of our pure martyrs, who joined the golden series of those selected from among our people and Ummah as martyrs. They manifested the victory with their pure blood and virtuous souls. Our message is from the scent of their blood, sacrifices, and victory, and we send it to the following:

To our garrisoned people... O people of the martyrs, O people of the injured and wounded, O crown of the heads, O people of Palestine and Gaza... you are those who manifest the victory with your steadfastness and your firmness. You are those who overwhelmed the occupier by rallying around your sons the resistance and your deep-rooted command. You are the capital of the victorious resistance and its eternal support, and the title of the liberation. We are with you and we are from you, and will remain loyal to your hopes and pains, in word and deed, with permission from Allah the Almighty.

To the captives, the free ones... You are the icons of the homeland, and a summary of its suffering and hope. O you who sacrificed the blossom of your youth, your case is present in war and peace, and your sacrifices and fingerprints are present in every victory, display of firmness, and achievement of our people and resistance. You are the vanguard and we will not forget you, with permission from Allah the Almighty.

To all those who contributed to this victory, and to all who thwarted the desire of the enemy in the defeat of our people and the breaking of their will to hold firm... to the physicians, paramedics, and nurses... to the police, security and civil defense... to the men of the media and opinion, and the intellectuals... all greetings, appreciation, and loyalty to you and your leading role and your noble message.

To our Islamic and Arab Ummah and the free ones of the world... We appreciate your stand with your people in Gaza and with your resistance. We defend you, and Allah chose us to stand as the spearhead in the face of our enemy and your biggest enemy. So get ready to support Palestine from the filth of its enemy, for the Ummah will not stand without a beating heart and the path of the nocturnal journey of its Prophet and its first Qibla [direction to face for prayer].

First and foremost, from the beginning and end, we praise Allah for His grace and gratitude, and we thank Him for making us stand firm, providing us support and divine care. We have no power nor strength but with Him, and there is no grace for us but through His granting of success and help. "And there is no victory except from Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise." [From Al-Imran: 126] "Say: 'In the Bounty of Allah, and in His Mercy (i.e. Islam and the Qur'an); - therein let them rejoice.' That is better than what (the wealth) they amass." [Yunus: 58]

Allahu Akbar [Allah is Great]. Praise be to Allah.

Allahu Akbar. Victory is for the resistance.

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