The al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed credit for the January 2, 2014, car bombing in Haret Hreik district, a Hezbollah stronghold in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and addressed the escalating conflict between it and Syrian militant factions in Aleppo.

The claim and comments came in a statement issued by the group's al-I'tisaam Media Foundation on its Twitter account and the top-tier jihadi forum Shumukh al-Islam on January 4. It said regarding the attack in Beirut:

"At a time when the security efforts of the Islamic State were able to break the boundaries and penetrate the security system of the Rafidah [Shi'ite] Party of Satan [Hezbollah] in Lebanon, and to crush its strongholds in the heart of its home in what is called the security zone in the southern suburbs of Beirut on Thursday, 30 Safar 1435H [2 January 2014], in a first small payment from the heavy account that is awaiting those wicked criminals..."

Concerning the issues in Aleppo, the ISIL remarked that they come at a time when the group has gained strength and scored victories not only in Syria, but Iraq and Lebanon as well. These victories and instances of individuals and tribes pledging to the ISIL, it said, made the enemy hasten to conspire against the group and sow hatred for it and the emigrants in general. The ISIL urged its fighters to be patient and for the "honest mujahideen" in the field to support them, and warned the factions fighting against it to stop or await "glad tidings of hunting you in your beds".

It told Muslims in Aleppo: "We laid down our throats to be slaughtered in the cause of Allah without putting yours, and you all know this better. This is a warning shout to you in the hands of this sedition. If Allah fated that the line of garrison be defeated by intensifying the pressure against the Islamic State from those riffraff, then Aleppo will fall into hands of the criminal Nusayri army in few hours. So afterwards, do not ask what will happen to you."