Pro-Islamic State (IS) Twitter accounts justified the November 13, 2015 terrorist attacks by the group in Paris and accused the world of hypocrisy for condemning them.
Messages by such users justified the attacks as a fair response to a “War against Islam,” and condemned both Muslims and non-Muslims expressing sympathy for France.
The Twitter account of IS fighter “Magnet Gas” listed the “reason” for the attack, claiming there is a “War against islam”:
Reason for attack
Kuffar Mocking of our beloved prophet(saw)
War against islam.
Israfil Yilmaz, a prominent Dutch IS fighter, answered a question on his blog, which asked if he was “all for the attacks in Paris.” Yilmaz responded:
He appeared to follow up to the statement in a later answer:
Does it make sense to you that Muslim blood has been flowing like water for the past couple of decades and nobody bats an eye?
Yet, when we bite back and take from them what they take from us, and fight them the way they fight us is it all of a sudden a big ordeal?
Similarly, “Abu Talot Khorasanim” a former Taliban commander who pledged to IS, provided a lengthy series of tweets on the attacks arguing the same point:
No one is buying your fake outrage about #ParisAttacks . If you are sincere, join me in denouncing doctrine of western-imperialism.
Muslim who for the past 100 years have been under direct western imperialism have experienced pretty much similar and alike #ParisAttacks.
Muslims around the world condemn France wars in Muslim countries like #Afghanistan, #Mali #CAR #Algeria #Syria and #Iraq.
Alleged IS Fighter “Abu Malik Al Qatari” provided a long series of tweets commenting on the attacks. He justified them and threatened Muslims expressing disapproval of the attacks with the “#NotInMyName” hashtag. He stated in part:
I hear by testify that what happened in Paris is fully justified under Islam and any 'muslim' who tell you otherwise lied. #ParisAttacks
#NotInMyName is a complete utter lie to appease you by those who fear you bt people like us will tell you exactly how it is. I WOULD KILL U
#islamisNOTtheproblem your problem is your intefearing in matters that has little of value to you. MENA is not France stay out of it.
#IslamAttacksParis if you like bombing from skies then know we will bring you what you invite to us. It takes to tango and terror is a beat
Anjem Choudary, a prominent British IS-supporting ideologue, argued that IS’ attacks were justified by using an analogy of one “throw[ing] bricks at other people’s houses”:
User “’Muslimah,” a female IS supporter, accused those standing with France of hypocrisy: 
If you find yourself crying for the kuffar and you never cried for the Muslims who are slaughtered daily, you're a munafiq [hypocrite].
She also incited for further organized action by terrorist cells:
The Paris attacks also inspired a wave of celebratory and threatening artwork from pro-IS media groups. The Telegram channel of “Dabiq France” circulated many fictional images showing Paris under attack:
One such picture was accompanied by the message:
We have brought you the car bombs
We have brought you the RPG
We have brought the slaughtering… with the belts
Then you may sense your necks O the enemies of Allah