A pro-Islamic State (IS) Twitter user disseminated a document suggesting a new way to share IS news and propaganda while avoiding suspension on Twitter.

On November 14, 2015, user “[Ambassador succession]” shared a document suggesting that others disseminate IS related news through unidentified accounts using agreed upon hashtags.

In the document, the author claimed that Twitter identifies IS affiliated accounts by recognizing their user names and avatars because these often remain consistent from account to account. To circumvent this, he suggested focusing “only on hashtags” to disseminate news, making it “easy” for people to find. 

we focus only on Hashtags, we won't be using any special avatars or user names, since the only important thing here is the Hashtag, we can let our accounts unidentified, that would make it easy for the followers too as they won't have to spend time looking for people to follow for getting latest updates on Islamic state

According to the author, users would have to agree upon the hashtags ahead of time as well as change their “avatars and users names ever 10 minutes or 20 minutes.”

For those who wish to maintain their main account, the author offered a “solution.” Users can “work on [a] different proxy” to have both accounts open at one time.

Responses on Twitter pointed out some of the plan’s flaws. One user reminded him that the account number never changes “no matter how many times [you] change [your] @.” And, in response, another user attested it would be too difficult to find enough support from the IS community:


The author, however, stated the plan could be “very effective.”

if we are all united and to follow this way, it will be very effective and it won't be easy for twitter to identify our accounts.  

 Attached is a copy of the document.