The Islamic State (IS) released a video of beheading Japanese hostage Kenji Goto Jogo. The 1 minute, 7 second video was produced by the IS’ al-Furqan Media Foundation, and was distributed on Twitter on January 31, 2015. Kenji appears in the orange outfit worn by prisoners of the IS before him, and the executor known as “Jihadi John” stands over him and gives a message before beheading him. He said in English:

“To the Japanese government: You, like your foolish allies in the Satanic coalition, have yet to understand that we, by Allah's grace, are an Islamic Caliphate with authority and power, an entite army thirsty for your blood.

“Abe, because of your reckless decision to take part in an unwinnable war, this knife will not only slaughter Kenji, but will also carry on and cause carnage wherever your people are found. So let the nightmare for Japan begin.”

No mention was made about the fate of Jordanian pilot Mu’adh al-Kasasibah