A Twitter user claiming to be a Kenyan jihadist in Somalia continued providing commentary and analysis of the siege at the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya that followed the Shabaab al-Mujahideen's September 21, 2013 raid on the shopping center.

In periodic updates on September 21 and 22, 2013 the "Muhamad Kamanu maina" Twitter account shared purported details of the attack, including an allegation that "the #westgate spectacle commandeered by a well trained female Mujahid." Along with attestations to the preparation and dominance of the Shabaab's fighters and tactical position, the user asserted that the Shabaab's fighters were "targeting high level kdf officials" and that "civilians r just collateral."

In a September 22 tweet, "Muhamad Kamanu maina" claimed that the fighters were able to enter into Kenya by bribing officials along their route. The account posted: "amazing how the mujahid moved with ease from training camps in somalia to #westgate thru easy bribing of officers along the way."

The following are copies of the English-language Tweets.

The mujahidin didn't attack " innocent civilians " the were targeting high level kdf officials @ #westgate. the civilians r just collateral

mujahidin @ #WestgateAttack will not negotiate. HSM do not negotiate with terrorists. Kenyans are terrorists @HSM_PressOffice

Kenyans harvest the spoils of war, #WestgateAttack is a spoil of war please enjoy stop winnin like babes. enjoy @HSM_PressOffice

the #westgate spectacle commandeered by a well trained female mujahid . they are well supplied and have taken strategic positions inside

Mujahid have position themselves at strategic positions inside #Westgate, any attempts to go inside amounts to suicide @HSM_PressOffice

Any attempts by the kdf to land on top of the #westgate from air will see themselves exterminated @HSM_PressOffice

Twelve hours later, "Muhammad Kamanu maina" added a series of updates, including a number of English-language posts that read:

mujahidin @ #westgate are holding more than 100 kaffirs, all entries to their positions have been closed

one party shud surrender @ #westgate to save 100s of kenyans inside.. Obviously its not the mujahidin

#westgate is a fort like construct, the kdf firepower counts for nothing. they should beg for mercy

By the end of the #westgate spectacle kenyans will have forgotten the horrors of August 1998

their is a heavy machinegun position directed at the roof @ #westgate. kdf attempt a movie like landing wil c hell in 3D

amazing how the mujahid moved with ease from training camps in somalia to #westgate thru easy bribing of officers along the way


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