The Afghan Taliban has claimed over 670 attacks throughout Afghanistan, targeting voting stations and the roads leading to them, in an attempt to disrupt the presidential election.

In dozens of postings on its website and Twitter accounts, the group’s spokesmen, Muhammad Yusuf and Zabihullah, and website representatives, have reported that fighters attacked buildings used as voting stations, including schools, causing them to be shut down. Zabihullah claimed that 246 attacks were carried out before noon and that most voting stations are closed, and the number was later updated to 672 before 6pm. The spokesmen also claim that Afghans are boycotting the election, despite the government allegedly threatening to levy heavy fines against them, fearing harm.

In one instance, the group claimed a “powerful blast” inside a voting station in the area of Maghul Khelo in Logar’s Muhammad Agha district, killing six policemen and injuring civilians, but noted that these civilians were warned against participating in the elections.

Prior to the election, the Afghan Taliban had vowed to disrupt it, calling the democratic process a “sham” to rubberstamp the Americans’ appointed successor to Hamid Karzai. It also warned civilians to stay away from voting stations, considering this a way to absolve itself of responsibility if people are harmed. The group declared in its last statement:

“The Islamic Emirate announces again and for the last time, that all parts of the elections are under the threat of attack by the mujahideen, and every polling station and every employee of the elections are in danger. A massive series of attacks will begin all over the country, so the responsibility for whoever is harmed in the bogus elections will be on his own shoulders as per the Shariah and traditions, and it does not assume any responsibility for any kind of consequences later.”


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