Sami Osmakac, an American indicted on January 9, 2012, and accused of attempting to carry out a terrorist attack in Florida, appeared in several videos posted online throughout 2011 on YouTube and other video sharing websites. Osamakac acts like a preacher lecturing about Islam in the videos which range from as short as 5 minutes to as long as 12 minutes. Osmakac rants and argues that people must entrust their lives to Allah in order to attain paradise in the hereafter rather than the trappings of a material life on earth. He further criticizes Western living, calls Jews and Christians devil-worshippers, and exhorts them to convert to Islam in order to live piously.

The titles of the videos uploaded featuring Osmakac, who used the nickname “Abdul Samia,” included “O Muslims Fight Your Desires and Do NOT Follow Them!”, “You Cannot Escape DEATH!”, “Muslim Message to the Jews and Christians,” “The American Lifestyle of the Non-Muslims,” “A Question for ALL Christians: What Are You Worshipping???”, and “Paradise Or Hell What Are We Living For?” Also uploaded was a video titled, “Islam In America: Muslim Christian Fight In The Streets!” which depicted Osmakac engaging in fistfights with Christian protestors.

Osmakac in “O Muslims Fight Your Desires and Do NOT Follow Them!”

In the video, “O Muslims Fight Your Desires and Do NOT Follow Them!”, Osmakac calls upon Muslims to forget about their worldly desires and not be like the kufaar (infidels), whom he describes as the “worst of people:”

“Allah describes the nonbelievers in the Quran as cattle. All they want to do is eat...if you want to be like the kufaar because they desire their lust; they worship their lust and their desires. Allah says that they are the worst of people. They take their desires as gods beside Allah. And you want to be like them?”

Osmakac in “Muslim Message to the Jews and Christians”

In another video, “Muslim Message to the Jews and Christians,” Osmakac argues that Jews and Christians conspired to kill Jesus because Jesus was Muslim:

“This message is made out to you Jews. How dare you claim that you're believers, that you believe in changed the Torah, so when Allah sent the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, to correct you and bring back the law of God, you tried to kill him, you and the Romans. Who are today's Romans? The Christians. So you Jews and Christians tried to kill Jesus. Why? Cause he's a Muslim....You're rebellious. Anybody that's rebellious against God and His laws and His Prophets is an infidel.”

Osmakac in “A Question for ALL Christians: What Are You Worshipping???”

Osmakac also called Christians “evil” in “A Question for ALL Christians: What Are You Worshipping???”:

“You call people away from the oneness of Allah. You're devils. Every church, every priest, every pastor is a devil. All of you are evil. The cross is a pagan're evil. You don't know what religion is.”

He further criticized Jews and Christians as being devil-worshippers:

“You Christians, you fear the devil, you worship the devil. And you Jews, you worship and fear the devil, because you're arrogant.”