Members of jihadist forums are often described as if they comprise a monolithic community, sharing, if not the same language, the same ideals, values, and goals. Although members of the online jihadist community are united in their strong support for jihad, al-Qaeda, and the mujahideen, variations in views and topics of interest appear among jihadists who are members of forums in differ­ent languages. One of the most striking differences between Arabic speaking jihadist forums, and French language jihadist forums lies in each community’s views of the potential strategic and tactical value of strikes against European interests. Members of French language forums express substantially less support for attacks against Europeans, seemingly viewing such attacks as undesirable, than do members of Arabic speaking commu­nities.

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Members of English-language jihadist forums expressed their enthusiasm for the Shabaab al-Mujahideen's attack against the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya
Sinai Province of the Islamic State (IS) claimed destroying a frigate of the Egyptian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea.
Sinai Province of the Islamic State (IS) threatened to kill a Croatian hostage in 48-hours if the Egyptian government does not exchange him for captive
A week after demanding the Egyptian government free female Muslim prisoners in exchange for a Croatian hostage, Tomislav Salopek, Sinai Province of the
The Islamic State (IS) announced that its spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-'Adnani, was killed while "surveying the military operations" in Aleppo, Syria,
British captive John Cantlie appeared in a video from the Islamic State (IS)-linked 'Amaq News Agency, mocking U.S. airstrikes on IS media kiosks in
The Islamic State (IS)-linked 'Amaq News Agency denied the claim from the U.S. Defense Department that top IS official Omar al-Shishani was killed as
Al-Ribat Media Foundation, the media arm of the al-Murabitoon division of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), released screen captures an upcoming
Simply titling it “Just Terror,” the Islamic State (IS) released the twelfth issue of its English magazine, “Dabiq,” on November